Athlon 7750 Black Edition with new Heatsink = can't overclock

Here is my rig
CPU- AMD Athlon 7750 Black Edition
MOBO- Gigabyte m61pme-s2p
RAM- ddr2 1066 2gb kingston x2
Video- ATI radeon 4670 1gb

I was running my cpu at 16X multiplier and it was getting into the high 50s in temp. I went out and got a KWI XT-1264 heat sink and installed it. The bootup after install went through the windows start up screen but then black screened when it should enter windows. It will boot in safe mode overclocked at 16x which is around 3.2ghz. The core temps are holding steady at 16-18C. Which is almost 10c cooler than they were. The only way I can get it to boot into windows is switch my multiplier back to auto. Any ideas?x2
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  1. amd overdrive
  2. I'd rather not use the amd od. Bios seems to work a little better and is not windows based. Why would changing the heatsink cause my multiplier to stop working?
  3. Went out and bought a new Asus Mobo. And now I'm getting around 3.2 again.
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