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HD causes system to not power up.

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January 3, 2010 9:06:01 PM

I installed a WD5000AAKB Caviar Blue 500GB HD (slave) in a working system (Asus A7N266 VM AA mobo). The system would start for about 1 second then shut down. The system would then not respond to the user power switch (located on the front of the system). Shutting off the PSU using its switch and allowing the system to sit for a minute would allow the user switch to function again. The PSU is a 550W unit.

Here's what I've tried...

1. Disconnected power from the WD HD -- system runs fine
2. disconnected all other drives (DVD, floppy, master HD, internal lights and extra fans), connected power to the WD HD -- System shuts down as before.
3. Tried attaching the WD HD to all other power connectors -- Same fault
4. Replaced original WD HD with a new unit -- Same fault
5. Called WD support, suggested resetting boot sequence to master HD, slave HD, DVD. Since the system never gets to the POST I don't think this will make much difference but I'm going to give it a try here in a few minutes. Also, I've got a PSU test unit around here somewhere and will give that a try too.

Seems like a PSU issue, but the PSU is fairly healthy and runs everything else fine, including an external HD (currently disconnected). I would think with all the other drives disconnected it should be more than adequate. Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.

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January 3, 2010 9:23:21 PM

See if the HD spec includes a delayed start jumper position. This basically allows the system to start (when it draws a lot of power temporarily) and then, when that power drain has passed the drive can start.

Otherwise the obvious asnwer would seem to be a bigger PSU.

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January 4, 2010 3:13:56 PM

I doubt you need a bigger PSU, but rather another PSU. It sounds to me like the internal self resetting circuit breaker is shutting down the PSU with the added load of the second HDD. However, if you're going to buy another PSU I would always recomment the highest wattage quality PSU you can afford as an insurance measure.
January 6, 2010 2:09:27 PM

Thanks fihart and ram 1009, it does look like it was the load caused by the WD5000AAKB HD. This is an older system so I didn't really want to go sticking a lot of new hardware into it piece by piece. We like the case so eventually I'll just rebuild it from the mobo up. So in order to keep this simple I switched to a WD1600AAJD (160G) drive with the idea that it would draw less of a load and and sure enough the system fired right up. This leads me to believe ram 1009's thoughts on the PSU's internal breaker may be the actual issue.

Thanks for the assistance, greatly appreciated...