Need help - HL2 Crashing after 1-2 ninutes

PC is Vista, MR32-MVP, 64x2 6400 black, 4 GB Corsair, pair of Crossfire Sapphire HD2600XT each has 256MB. PS is antec 550 watts.

HL2 fails after 1-2 minures. video blanks out, audio stutters, video shows a rainbow crosshatch pattern, then PC reboots.

I've uploaded latest audio and video drivers, tried various settings on ATI catalyst. None have made any diffrence.

Do I have enough power supply, or could it be something else?

please help if you can. thanks
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  1. Temperature readings on your GPU's?
  2. HL2 may have messed up with saving your hardware profile on it's first run...

    I can't remember where that info is saved but I do remember having to delete all of the saved games (as well as the config file) to stop HL2 from doing the freeze thing.

    Also, try with cool and quiet off.
  3. similar thing happend with me with far cry on my ati card
    disable vpu recover in catalyst control center.
    if the problem still sustains i prefer you to remove the ati catalyst control center and to have only the driver for the card installed
  4. GPU temps are 45-50C
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