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I am building my dream machine and need some advice. So far I have:
Case: Coolermaster Cosmos
MOBO: Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe w/ wifi
CPU: AMD Phenom 9950 Black
RAM: Corsair Dominator 2 x 2G DDR2 1066
GPU: ASUS EAH4850 x2 in crossfire setup
HDD: WD Velociraptor 300GB 10,000 system drive Windows Ultimate 64
RAID 1: Samsung 750 GB 32 MB cache 7200 Raid 1 array for files
RAID 2: WD 74GB 10,000 rpm drives Raid 0 array for Windows XP 32
Sound Card: Creative X-fi pro
PSU: Zalman 750w heater pipe
Lite-On Blu-ray ROM
Samsung 22x DVD superwriter

I have not done a dual boot system before but wanted to use my old raptors to run xp32bit for work software - Electronic Medical Records, not compatible with 64 bit as well as xray imaging software. I am not much of a gamer but do a lot of imaging work and a LOT of multitasking.

Questions: I do not have enough SATA connectors, should I get a extra SATA board or use the Parallel ports for the optical drives? Is 750 W PSU enough for this build with two video cards and 5 HDDs? How do I set up the Raid 0 OS? I assume I should first install the drives for XP. install XP and then add the velociraptor for Vista.
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  1. What your trying to do is a little over your head since your a noob. Consider letting someone build it for you, otherwise break your questions down one at a time and use google to learn. You seek to much info in one post.
  2. Well, this is my first dual boot system but I have put together about twenty machines. This is my first post, however, as I usually just read the forums. Sorry to overdo it. To narrow it down to one question, how do I set up the two operating systems. I am very comfortable setting up the RAID arrays, but I am not comfortable with the second OS.
  3. Bodymech looks like a solid build but my Question is what are you going to use this machine for. If its for gaming tha amount of HDDs you have is a bit excessive, (drop the 74gb raptors) and just have both OS's on the same drive. Also with all that GPU power you might consider changing you cpu to a E8600 or a Q9450 as they are more suited.
    Otherwise it's a pretty solid build.

    P.S Roadrunner stop bashing noobs. they come to ask for help not for you to try to sell them your $300 installation service, as I have seen you do. My current build is my first and I did it by myself with a little help from TH forums.
  4. Get an IDE burner to leave a SATA port available. Dump the 74GB Raptors, just use a WD6400AKS or something instead. The 750W should be enough, but if you'd feel more comfortable with 850W you can get an Antec TPQ-850.
  5. Random, thanks for the advice. I left the old raptors in my old machine and will use that when I need it. I do a lot of multitasking with two monitors viewing medical images and streaming video at the same time. I also want to use it to edit and create HD video clips for presentations. My current machine bogs down running iTunes video, internet, powerpoint. Just about to fire it up.
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