Phenom run 1066Mhz in 800Mhz help!

i just bought a new system unit.

Phenom 9950 2.6G
mobo Asus M3A78 PRO
3 G ram 1066
psu gigabyte odim pro 800W
graphic card will buy in future.

my problem is my RAM just running in 800Mhz. how to solve it.
i have c at other forum they oso have this problem v phenom AMD.
they say the AMD is most stable running in 800MHz so it will set it default to 800Mhz.

If i wan to change it to 1066Mhz How can i do that?? will it become unstable??

thank for helping me :D
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  1. Open your motherboard manual to the chapter entitled ""BIOS Settings""

    Verify your RAM specs, boot up/open BIOS and enter the information as required.

    Save and exit the BIOS.
  2. Mine did the same thing. You have to manually set the memory clock to x5.33 in the bios. Don't leave it on auto, it will default to DDR2-800. Will not be unstable.

    I would recommend to set the CPU multi to 15x also. This processor easily goes to 3.0Ghz. Try it, and see if yours does ok.
  3. if i set CPU to 15x will the original fan can handle the heat??

    cos my CPU idle is temp 43C-46C in fan 3900-4500 rpm
    after playing C&C3 almost the same temp, so will it hot??
  4. rickyslc said:
    if i set CPU to 15x will the original fan can handle the heat??

    Hmmm...not sure. I have an aftermarket. Did the memory work for you?
  5. i now at office. i will try at night. hope can work haha... thank you very much!!!
  6. in my BIOS, there is a setting that allows you to chose memory speeds such as: DDR2 800 and up to DDR2 1066. look around in chipset features. hard to guide you though since i dont know your mobo's BIOS. best read your manuel like wisecracker suggested m8
  7. IN the BIOS i have change the ram to 1066Mhz but it is no stable. volt i change to 2.1V is tested by corsair.

    the ram should be 5-5-5-18-2T but after change to 1066Mhz is 5-7-7-24-31-2Ti cannot change it to 5-5-5-18-2T and it no stable....

    currently use back 800Mhz.... someone help pls...

    BTW i have update the BIOS to the New version 0402 asus BIOS.

    this is the default
  8. I'm not familiar with the Asus 780g BIOS, but if you are running 3Gb of RAM, please verify that the sticks are similar model with the same timings.

    Also look in your motherboard manual as to the proper method to populate the DIMM slots for your memory configuration.

    And you may want to 'test' a 2Gb configuration as required by the chart in your manual.
  9. my ram is all same model.
  10. Guys AMD has limited support for 1066 DDR2 ram
    you can only use 2gb on 1066 no more
  11. The only DDR2 1066 RAM on the Asus QVL list for the M3A78 pro is single-sided Kingston KVR1066D2N7/1G.

    ""Supports four modules inserted into both the yellow slots and the
    black slots as two pairs of Dual-channel memory configuration.""

    So that would be 4Gb of DDR2 1066 ....
  12. I just ordered me some of those kingston 1066 memory. Hoprefully will not default to 800, will check BIOS and adjuster if needed ^^
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