Why won't XP see my USB HDD

The machine is a dual boot between 98 and XP, 98 sees the drive (A brand new Verbatim 1TB USB model#usb1tb) just fine, XP acts like it's detecting it, then instead of a drive letter popping up in My Computer, nothing. My Computer and several other things (like device manager) hang until the drive is disconnected or powered down, but the computer itself is not entirely hung up, and does not crash.

It's got to be something wrong with XP, as the only difference is the OS being booted.

The drive's a USB 2.0 device, and the PC only has 1.1, but that shouldn't matter, other than make it slower to transfer data, especially since the same PC sees the drive in the same USB port with 98 running.

It's not a USB power issue, again the same PC runs it in 98, but also, the drive is not USB powered anyway, it's got a wall wart.

No hubs or anything, but again, same exact configuration, so that wouldn't matter anyway.

Tried turning drive on then connecting the cord, as the manual says to do, nope. Tried connecting the cord, then turning on the drive, same exact issue.

USB flash drives/MP3 players work, flash card readers have work, just not USB HDD.
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  1. right click on my computer and select manage

    go into the drive manager

    format the drive and give it a letter

    we really need a sticky for this
  2. You shouldn't have to format the device to get it to work.
    How many drives (hard drives & Cd roms) do you currently have & what service pack are you on in Windows XP (3 I hope)?
    If drive letter "E" & "F" is unavailable, try changing thoses devices to a higher Drive Letter and then plug in your usb.
    It might be trying to take drive letter "E" or "F" and they're unavailble.
  3. edit: Sorry didn't notice the edit function until after I'd already posted again
  4. Wow, that's strange. After I used the Vista machine to divide the drive up into 4 smaller partitions, instead of one giant one, XP started working right. Guess the giant size was conflicting somehow, though that's really weird that only XP had the issue, not Vista or 98, or the game console.

    Thanks anyway!
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