Wierd monitor Problem..it wont turn on!


ok iv just got back from a 1 month holiday, i switch my pc etc on its perfect, then i switch the monitor on.... the green light goes on, then a wierd sound comes out of the speakers in the monitor and it goes red, this goes on constantly.

after about an hour it just stays red, standby as it should, so i turn the pc on again and the green light now comes on but the screen just stays black.

The screen was working perfectly pre holiday.

iv tried the monitor with a laptop and different gfx card but no change.

:( does anyone know if this could be solved or how this can happen :S

so the final situation iz the monitor light goes green which means its getting a signal but notting appears on the screen it just stays black!
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  1. Hi,

    What input are you using for your monitor? Are you experiencing the problem with both the VGA snd DVI connections?

    Also, how old is the monitor? I assume its a LCD and not a CRT?
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