Do I even need a full tower?

Hey guys. I'm building a new system and was thinking of getting a CM 690 for my case, but I'm unsure as to whether or not it will be big enough. I was going to get the HAF 932, but it's freaking huge and costs a lot more than the 690. This is my build right now...

I was intrigued by the amount of cooling options on the HAF 932. Will the 690 be cool enough considering that I will be doing some overclocking (and I hear the 4870 runs extremely hot)? thanks!
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  1. you don't really NEED a haf 932, but it would certainly be a hell of a lot better.
  2. I tend to recommend full tower cases for gaming rigs. Overclocked processors and big video cards tend to put off a lot of heat. You need a case that can remove that heat efficiently. Alternatively, I have heard good things about the Antec 900. It's a mid tower case with some nice cooling features.
  3. you don't HAVE to have it but it is kinda nice. i have the antec 900 Q6600 and dual 4870 it all fits it but some more room wouldn't hurt...

    the 4870s don't run hot the fans are just turn down to like 7% on stock settings i put mine on 30% and it runs at 55C no problems there(i have stock card with stock cooler) the 8.10 drivers allow you to control fan speed

    as long as you aren't hoping for a super overclocks you will be fine. if you are going to do any to much ocing i would say look at a 900 just because it does have more cooling
  4. Why stop at the 900? I just built a Q6600 OCed to 3G with the s1283 and a 4850 and it cools like a charm. Add a front fan and a side one for the VGA if you want. Why waste the cash?

    Definitely increase the fan speed on the HD4800 series of cards. I used RivaTuner.
  5. Thanks for the replies. What about the NZXT Tempest?
  6. bohman and I both have the CoolerMaster 932 HAF. You are quite correct. The case is huge. In all honesty is probably more than a person needs. On the other hand the case is designed with a lot of flexibility, excellent ventilation, it's very easy to work inside the case, and it can accomodate the largest video cards and tower style cpu heatsinks. It seems like some components keep getting bigger and bigger.
  7. Dude, I have build many machines with a cm 690. It has excellent cable management. It has more than enough room for anything you throw at it. The only reason to go with something larger is if you are going to do some sort of liquid cooling (which isn't worth it with new processors coming around). Furthermore, it has amazing airflow with optional dual 140mm fans on the top. Trust me you can get the cm 690 for 39.99 at microcenter right now! I wouldn't waste your money on that other case if you are on a budget. Futhermore, the fans on the Haf are something that you can just go out and buy at newegg. They are custom and you have to get that stuff from the manufacturer. Go with the 690. If you want something that looks a little more unique then go with the haf, but it won't have any better cooling.
  8. gahleon,

    You are correct. At $139.00 the CM 932 HAF is expensive. Right now the 230mm fans are not available from CoolerMaster. I do not know if the fans will ever be available.

    Bohman and I are doing case mods. Bohman is going to chrome plate his case and do a Battlestar Galactic theme - Cylon Warrior from the original 1970's TV series. I'm going for a black and copper theme using real copper sheets. I decided to call mine the "Copper Queen". We're going for the bling factor. I doubt that anyone will recognized the modified cases as CM 932 HAF's. In my case two of those 230mm fans are going to wind up in a spare parts box.
  9. Ah, I see dude. Well it is all good man. I prefer to do a little custom modding as you can see from the two pictures in my profile. So, ROCK ON. You'll have to post a few pictures when you finish modding it up. I have to say that if you are doing custom ****, then just get something cheap and spend the time and money on the mod supplies. Good luck.
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