Is the 9800 GX2 Worth it!?

Hi there, :hello:

I have done my research regarding this topic, but i want your opinion on things.

I have the chance to buy a brand new very cheap GX2 with my new system build.

e8400 @ 4 GHz
P5Q-Deluxe P45
4 GB ddr2
750W PSU

I was thinking to either upgrade to a 280 GTX or the 4870

But seeing as the GX2 plays better than all the above cards...

Should i just go with that ?

Regards ?
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  1. My opinion is to simply go with a Radeon 4870 it can be found for around the same price as the 9800gx2 and I believe offer comparable performance. the 9800x2 would be more powerful in some games but it relies on sli profiles to exist for that game. I know that my experience with the 7950gx2 was less that favorable because of this but sli has improved since then. I still recommend going with a radeon 4870. You could even crossfire them if you wanted more performance your psu should be powerful enough
  2. If you can get a 9800GX2 cheap, then go for it. It is in the same class as a GTX260/280 and the 4870. Some games will run better on one card than another. Unless you have a favorite game you should be happy with a 9800GX2 in general.
  3. In all the games i play. COD4, Crysis, Valve engine etc. The GX2 comes out on top!

    Thanks for the response guys. Ill overclock that sucker and get free performance :)

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