Crucial 128gb ssd vs wd velociraptor

I am building a gaming/ photo editing PC and having a hard time choosing a drive for my OS and Photoshop. my choices are between:

crucial m225 128gb ssd


2x western digital velociraptor raid 0

I know many would say the ssd is the obvious choice however i feel a little intimidated by the TRIM command issues i have been reading about. my budget for this drive is 400-450. should i choose the ssd or the raid 0 hdd setup?. please help. i am ready to buy as soon as i get help choosing. btw, i will take any other suggestions if neither of these options are suitable. I really appreciate the help.

my "core" system
core i7 860
asus p7p55d-e deluxe
kingston hyper-x 4gb 1600 ddr3
xfx 5850 BE
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  1. I picked up 2 velociraptors and put them in raid 0. Random access time is a little wanting but they are still very fast. There is a guy selling the 80GB VR server pulls on ebay for 80 bucks per. I got them and they fly.

    I'll wait to SSD's settle down a bit.
  2. Well if database access is your goal, twin Raptors will help.....will also give quick boot times and help for video editing and 3 D modeling with huge page file needs. But other than that, RAID has little to offer.

    If I buying today, this would be a good for OCZ's new vertex2 drives which have replaced the G2 as top dog .... should be hitting stores any day.
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