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I have an 300gb NTSF WD drive that went RAW. Software that are supposed to recover data on RAW Drives show the data is on this HD. I am using Easy Drive Data Recovery by and find that this is much too slow. It would take a computer constantly running for ten days to recover this drive. What is the best recovery speed, per gigabyte, of recovery software out there? (I have 3gb memory)
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  1. Hi Rich007, Seldom is any data recovery software messured for speed. The process is aimed at getting as much data back as possible and speed is not normally an issue.

    On saying that 10 days for a 300gb drive is a long time I would normally expect 1-4 days for that amount of space (Data recovery software reads every bit on the drive and not just the 'Data'). But if the data is important then 10 days is not really an issue.
  2. I would personally go with Easus.
    I've used their Data recovery wizard ...
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