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Hey All,

I started having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite laptop yesterday. Whenever I open a program such as firefox or chrome to browse the internet, it seems that certain parts on the computer screen such as the start menu bar on the bottom will stop responding completely. There are points where I cannot even minimize Firefox because the button on the top right doesn't respond yet I can open new tabs/etc. I usually have to ctrl alt delete and get to the task manager to reset everything, but about a minute later I will be able to go on the internet but not be able to open or even highlight shortcuts on my desktop. I thought it was the mouse/touchpad but I updated drivers and it doesn't seem like that is the problem. It is like one program on the computer will be fine while the others just go dead. Anybody have any idea as to what is going on?

Thanks for the help
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  1. Grab a new browser of the net on another computer, and uninstall all your current browsers and load on the new one, once that's done complete a windows update and see what happens ..
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