NVIDIA System Tools or RivaTuner ?

I have XFX Geforce 8400GS Graphic card in my Vista PC. Now, i want to overclock the GPU. Which of the two softwares is more reliable and effective :-
1) NVIDIA System Tools 6.02 (New)
2) RivaTuner
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  1. RivaTuner will give you more options and flexibility when overclocking your GPU.
    It will also give you the option of saving your OC profile and applying it at startup.
    They both have the same basic function but I would prefer RivaTuner.
  2. i have the nvidia control panel also and it doesnt auto load custom settings, even if you create a profile rule to load at windows start up. mine has never worked i always had to manually load it by going into the cp. so get rivatuner, it does auto load your custom settings at windows start up and its easier. also get gpu-z so you can see your gpu info fast.
  3. 1- EVGA Precision
    2- Rivatuner
    3-ATI Tool
    Last- anything from nV, be it nTune or system tools.
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