mobo fsb versus cpu fsb

If i ordered a Duo E4700 cpu with a 800 fsb, will that work with an mobo that says the fsb is 1066/1333 and if so will it effect the performance?
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  1. yes.
  2. ^ +1 yes it will work.

    It will not impact the performance, but for best performance downclock the memory to whatever the fsb on the cpu is - default 200MHz real on that E4700 (see quad-pumped). So set the memory to 200MHz (200MHz real x double data rate = 400 effective DDR). You'll be able to set tighter timings by downclocking the memory as well. Of course, my wild assumptions are off if you overclock - in that case still keep the fsb:memory a 1:1 ratio if possible.
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