Help! my memory stick wont work

last nite my memory stick worked fine and now it wont pick it up. its normally called college work but now its just removable disk (G) and it said that it isnt formatted. if i want to format it it will wipe my memory stick but i need my work. do you think you could help please thanks
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  1. I assume you are talking about a usb flash memory stick. You didn't just pull it out without unmounting it first?
  2. nah, it was fine last night. its got all my cwk on :(
  3. A quick Google search found:

    Which list file recovery as one of the tools. It has a free trial period.
  4. rite i installed this but im unsure how to use it. can you help me please
  5. I don't have the program, I just pointed you to it.
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