24 inch WS monitor who's DVI port does not have HDCP

Hi all, can anyone recommend a good 24 inch wide screen monitor who's DVI port DOES NOT have HDCP?

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  1. Why do you need one without HDCP?
  2. so that if i download pirated videos from the internet or watch a DVD i copied, or anything with copy protection, that i will be able to watch it.

    cjl said:
    Why do you need one without HDCP?
  3. HDCP only apply for materials with that are copy protected....

    Non-copy protected materials should play just fine...

    You need to make sure that whatever video you are to play don't require HDCP-compliance hardware & software.

    There are tools in the internet to disable HDCP requirement on copyright protected materials.

    Buy the best LCD display with your money and use the available software tools from the internet to play your video.

    The other option is use component-video as link from your video card to your TV. Component video can display 1080P just like HDMI. Its there is a difference in quality its something that most of use won't notice.

    I tried both Component Video and HDMI to play Blue-ray and HD-DVD. Both work with 1080P. The quality is almost identical that if there is any most people won't notice.

    Hope this help
  4. are you saying that if I have an LCD monitor that doesn't have the HDCP, I won't be able to play videos that require it HDCP-compliance hardware and software?

    leon2006 said:

    You need to make sure that whatever video you are to play don't require HDCP-compliance hardware & software.
  5. You will be able to play them (if you haven't bypassed the compliance check) but it will be in a lower resolution.

    Strange how all the doom mongerers about Vista and HDCP seem to have gone away - doesn't seem to be an issue any longer.

    You should check to see if any publisher (Sony etc) has actually enabled this form of protection in their DVDs / Blu-Rays etc. I think you will not find any.
  6. Velocci....

    Materials with copy-right protection enabled (HDCP Enabled) such as Blue-ray, HD-DVD require HDCP compliant Hardware and Software. You can't play these videos/audio at full 1080P without HDCP compliant hardware & software.

    If your Hardware/software is not HDCP compliant, videos with copyright protection (HDCP required) will only play at regular-DVD resolution (480P)
  7. leon2006..

    So if I have an HDCP compatible monitor, it won't matter to pirated vidoes, I can watch pirated videos?
  8. iritchie

    HDCP is required by copy right protected materials such as Blue-Ray based movies.

    Pirated materials don't require HDCP compliance. It will run regardless if your Hardware and software is HDCP compliant or not. Yes it will run.

    This is in no way endorsement of violation of copy right protection laws.
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