UBCD HDD utils wont work on laptop?

Hi there,
Ive used UBCD (latest version) from USB on my desktop for few months, now Ive got a Samsung netbook that was freezing over last few days so Ive tried to use HDD Diags from UBCD but none of them work..any ideas why?
I always get message e.g.
UBCD: Error!!! missing estool.bat (check CD)

However like I say when booting the same way (USB) on desktop doesnt happen and runs fine.

Also just to add alot off other apps like memtest86 work fine on both.

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  1. The HDD diags are the only thing that will not run on UBCD? Can you browse the hdd of the netbook while booted to UBCD? What sata mode is the harddrive set to in the bios? Could be an issue there...I use ubcd all the time. On certain models, changing the sata operation mode to ahci or whatever solves some funky problems such as bluescreens and lockups, be sure to change it back before booting into windows though...just a thought. Good luck!

  2. Yea, it just hdd scans that wont work, I just get that error message whichever scanner I try:
    UBCD: Error!! Missing *****.bat (check CD) it differs which scanner i try

    but on the desktop its the same, I'm going to try update bios and see if that helps.
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