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Hey guys, I have recently built a rig with a gigabyte ma785gmt-ud2h mobo with a amd athlon ii x4 620 cpu..i plan on doing a slight overclock on the cpu to better work with my 5850 gpu. Any ideas on how to go about doing it, recommended clock on stock cooling? How about CnQ feature? Thanks in advance!
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  1. turn off cnq and put the fsb on the athlon to 225 and you get 2950mhz or 3ghz
  2. no adjustments on memory freq or multiplier? have a gskill ddr3 1333 RAM, dunno how well that overclocks. its all in a antec 900 case.
  3. so basically turn off cnq, turn fsb to 225..do i do this by 5's or 10's and check stability each time?
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