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I want to get an HD 4870 X2, but I'm not sure who to buy it from (not like NewEgg vs TigerDirect, Sapphire vs VisionTek vs ASUS, etc.). I want to get it from ASUS, since it has a better return policy from NewEgg. Are there any quality differences between the different companies? Also, what exactly do these companies do? Are they just distributors, or do they play some part in actually making the card?
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  1. the cards are pretty much all the same. ATI sends the companies a reference design board and they're free to do what they want with it. alot of times, they don't change anything. the only thing they might change is the cooling unit, but that'll be obvious when you see it. other than that, there's zero difference in the actual card.
  2. 1: These cards are shipped from AMD to " sapphire, diamond, asus, HIS,MSI" where they apply their custom stickers OOOOOOOO

    2: just buy whatever is cheapest as they are all the same.
  3. macer1 said:
    2: just buy whatever is cheapest as they are all the same.

    100% true. unless a certain card comes with a bonus that's of some interest to you. sometimes games get bundled, and HIS bundles some sort of screwdriver/flashlight/level with their newer cards.
  4. Ok, so things like the company's return policy, warranty, stuff they bundle with the actual product may vary, but as far as the actual card you're getting, the only difference is in the stickers and maybe the cooler?

    Also, to be clear, these companies are manufacturers? They're the ones making the cards, even if they all do it the same way, not ATI? Are they obliged by ATI or some other legal situation to make them the same, or is it just by their volition?
  5. No the companies don't make the cards, ATI does. They only make stickers/different coolers and sometimes do some overclocking before selling.
  6. So they're strictly distributors? Is the only reason ATI doesn't sell cards themselves that they don't want to deal with retailers directly?
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