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When i try using ati catalyst control center instead of getting all the display options, as in this picture

i only get the top three options. It wont allow me to view change anything else such as the 3D or color tabs.
If i reboot the other options will show up sometimes right after start up, but after i leave my computer on for a couple hours and open it up again the options disappear.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. so glad to know i'm not the only one. i've been using Catalyst for years and this has just started. i recently switched to Vista 64 if that makes any difference.

    without fail, CCC will lose all its tabs and look like this within three days of a reboot. rebooting again fixes the problem. if anyone knows anything about it, please help. it's driving me crazy.

  2. So this happens if you don't reboot your computer every 3 days? I honestly wouldn't be able to say, I shut down my PC at least twice a day.
  3. emp said:
    So this happens if you don't reboot your computer every 3 days? I honestly wouldn't be able to say, I shut down my PC at least twice a day.

    thank you, Captain Environment. i do not shut down my computer every day. this thing with CCC is not supposed to happen. i have no idea what's causing it.
  4. Yeah... that's not really a good way to start asking for help you know. I really don't do it to be green, just don't find a point on keeping it on if it's not doing anything at all. But the solution to your 'problem' sounds pretty damn simple since rebooting doesn't take more than 15-20 seconds.
  5. please forgive my frustration. this has been happening for a month and i don't know what's causing it.

    i leave my computer running because i'm downloading and uploading to my FTP a lot and i often need to keep it running during the night. having my video driver dictate when and how often i have to reboot is not an answer.

    some details of my situation, in case anyone can help:

    -Vista Ultimate 64

    -i have two 4870's in CrossFire. i have CrossFire running almost all the time.

    -i have RBE-modded BIOSes on both my cards. the only thing i adjusted in their BIOS is the fanspeed profile. everything else left at default.

    -i have the Vista Codec Pack installed with the 64-bit extensions also installed.

    -i watch a lot of movies on this computer. i do not turn CrossFire off when i watch movies.

    -this problem started shortly after i switched to Vista. it has never happened in XP.

    it looks like the video driver is just losing my cards for some reason. here is a more detailed screenshot:

  6. I sometimes have a similiar problem, but mine is only when I enable/disable crossfire. Each time I enable or disable I basically end up having to reboot. I think its a driver issue, when I first got my 4850's the 8.7 drivers didnt seem to have the issue. Starting with the 8.8's and getting worse with the 8.9's is when I started having to reboot each time. If I dont reboot then my computer only seems to recognize one graphics card...
  7. i solved the problem, at least on my end. go to the Control Panel, Programs, then click "Turn Windows Features On Or Off." make sure all three items under .Net 3.0 are enabled. i did that three days ago and everything has been perfect since then.

    Catalyst sucks. my fix didn't work.
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