Upgrading Dell XPS with Blu-ray Drive

I'm thinking about putting a blu-ray drive into my Dell xps computer. The drives that are in it now have button on the front the case that flips a door down to open the drive. Will any drive connect to this system? Will I have to remove the flip down door to use a standard drive? Or do I have to get a special drive from dell?

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  1. Take a pic of it. It'll be either the standard slim bay or if it's hotswap-able, it'll have Dell's hotswap kit wrapped around a standard slim drive, which you can take off and put on the new drive .

    Either way, any slim 12.7mm optical drive will fit. It comes in either 50pin IDE or mini-SATA. Find out what your current one uses. The hardest part is getting the existing faceplate to fit on the new drive (hence I need to see a pic of your current one).

    They're ~$56-60 on fleaBay for a BD-ROM/DVDRW combo drive. I use one in my HTPC.
  2. I thought you meant DELL's XPS range of laptops. Disregard my previous post then.
    If you can, remove the flipdown by taking the entire front faceplate off and see where's the real eject button on your current optical drive is located. Hopefully it's off-centered (usually to the right side) which will mean any standard 5.25" Blu-ray drive will work.
    If you need the ability to burn Blu-ray, LG GGW-H20L is fairly affordable and works well, used to own one.
  3. My LG BH08LS20 Blu-Ray rewriter has the eject button center about 3/4 of inch (18.0 mm) from the right edge of the drive. It is near the bottom edge of the drive. I looked at the three desktops I have and it seems to line up for all the DVD drives I have. My old Sony Vaio has two flipdown doors and they line up.
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