Sfc and chkdsk problems

Hi! I have win Xp sp2 (at first it was xp without sp, but i repaired xp into xp sp2). I have problems with sfc. When i run it, it asks the cd to copy the files to the dllcache (i did purgecache, but also before the purgecache, the same message pops) and after its finished and rerun scannow to check if everything is ok, it asks again the cd to do the same (fill the cache). Why this?
Also, I don't know why, but always the chkdsk founds errors. I tried many time to fix, even from the recovery console, but every time it founds errors (and space that wasn't signed as "free"). Also it founds errors in the mtf. I didn't make a mbr fix from the recovery because its dangerous. I have repaired xp several times, but these problems remain... Also i copied ALL the contents of my disk to another (through linux live cd) to see if the problems of the chkdsk are solved, but no success. The disks are fine, I mean that they don't have any damage.
Why all these are happening and what to do???

Also, why some system folders, like c: , that you cant change it's settings ( settings i mean that you can make a folder to be for music or video files) have settings that are wrong? My c: has setting for music files, and my documents for video files. Why this?
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  1. Any ideas???
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