Trading in ragged 3500+ for a shiny Q9450

Hello people. I am planning on finally letting go of my 3500+ comp for a multi-core setup. I would appreciate overall opinions of the build and a little help choosing a few items. Here are the future specs of the comp.

Antec p182 (I fell in love with the looks and cable management)
DFI X48-T2R Mobo (read it is good for overclocking and an overall good board)
MCP655 Pump (so much power and quiet)
3X sata hdds = 1tb+
external sata hdd at times (for backing up important files)
sata dvd burner
4x 2gb mushkin ddr2 800 ram (listed as 5-4-4-12 timings @ 1.8v)
OCZ OCZ1000EXS 1kw (read it is a very well built psu)
VisionTek 4870x2 (lifetime warranty as basically all references are the same)
10x 120mm fans (6-8 scythes, 2 yate loons, possibly Scythe KAMA BAY to equalize pressure and help cool ram)
q9450 oced to 3.6-4ghz
pa120.3 (enough for at least the cpu & chipset)
cpu & chipset waterblocks

I'm set on getting the q9450, 4870x2, ddr2, x48, around 10 fans and the pump(I already bought it so I could modify my p182). I don't really plan on getting a second 4870x2 anytime soon but like the idea of having the extra power when/if I do. Supposedly the rig will pull around 700w on absolute full load so I worry about using a 750 as I plan on having this computer for years. The reason I like the ocz is the small form factor and supposedly long cables because I need them both for my case. I am not really sure about which ram brand to get or what combination would be easiest to get 1:1 with my fsb (450-500mhz I hope >.<), but I do want 8gb of memory. I would rather have 2 x 4gb sticks but the selection is slim and the prices are high. I am unsure about that exact x48 but I read good things about that DFI board. Should I get a seperate sound card or have the included ones increased in quality? Any opinion is welcomed and appreciated. Sorry if I missed something.
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  1. 4870xs's havent come out yet.

    unless your saying 2 radeon 4870's in CROSSFIRE

    all radeon 4series have integrated sound codecs on them.

    just get like a 810watt psu. from pc&p or OCZ or seasonic or something.
  2. I haven't built the system yet but I am planning to over the next several weeks so I did indeed mean 4870x2 and that I might eventually cfx 2 of em.
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