Stability issues, where to start ??

Hi all !

I´ve been doing some OCing to my Q6600. I´ve pretty much used a "template" I´ve created using all the info I´ve read about similar setups. The sistem boots, its OK at idle (hotter than before of course), but I get errors when running prime95. I might even get a blue screen when running two or more times...

Since I´ve used settings I´ve "borrowed" from other people I don´t really know where I should start increasing voltages (if I have to...). Any suggestions ??

Here is my sistem running prime95 (and sistem info):

I forgot to include realtemp temps on the screenshot, but its 63-65ºC on all 4 cores (its actually realtemp the only temps app I´ve calibrated a bit). Room temp is 25-26.

Here are my BIOS settings:

AI Overclock tuner: Manual
CPU Ratio Setting: 8
FSB Strap to North Bridge: AUTO
FSB Frequency: 400
PCI-E Frequency: 100
DRAM Frequency: 800
DRAM CLK Skew on Channel A1: AUTO
DRAM CLK Skew on Channel A2: AUTO
DRAM CLK Skew on Channel B1: AUTO
DRAM CLK Skew on Channel B2: AUTO
DRAM Timing Control: Manual

1st Information:
CAS# Latency: 4
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay: 4
DRAM RAS# Precharge: 4
DRAM RAS# Activate to Precharge: 12
RAS# to RAS# Delay : AUTO
Row Refresh Cycle Time: AUTO
Write Recovery Time: AUTO
Read to Precharge Time: AUTO

2nd Information :

3rd Information :

DRAM Static Read Control: AUTO
DRAM Read Training: AUTO
MEM. OC Charger: AUTO
AI Clock Twister: AUTO
AI Transaction Booster: AUTO
Common Performance Level: AUTO

CPU Voltage: 1.30625
CPU GTL Voltage Reference (0/2): AUTO
CPU GTL Voltage Reference (1/3): AUTO
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.54
FSB Termination Voltage: 1.24
DRAM Voltage: 2.00
NB Voltage: 1.26
NB GTL Reference: AUTO
SBridge Voltage: 1.1
PCIE SATA Voltage: 1.5

Load Line Calibration: Enabled
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled
CPU Clock Skew : AUTO
NB Clock Skew : AUTO

Any comments are welcome. Thanks for reading !
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  1. more vcore might help try 1.35 up the fsp aswell to 1.3 and the nm to 1.3 see if that helps also why are you useing the 8x multi? try 9x400
  2. Thanks richardscott.

    I was using 8x since I felt like 3,2 GHz was enough ! I dont want more heat, or at least rise it as little as possible, cos I think this is already quite hot (so I wanted to rise voltages as little as possible too). My goal was to be able to run the memory on 1:1 and with 400Mhz FSB
  3. your voltage is fine i had my q6600 upto 1.5v and its still working, as for temps you cant really lower them unless you get a better cooler or lap it
  4. Thanks again ! I dont think I´ll go that high :P but I´ll keep it in mind. Regarding the temps/cooler issue.. I guess there is no other answer
  5. temps are ok tbh keep it below like 70c mines at -56 :D
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