AMD and Intel processors?

I am starting to build a new rig and was wondering some poeple's opinions on which processor brand to choose. I understand very well how Intel's processors work and have a general idea on what I am looking for. AMD for some reason is much less expensive. and WAY more confusing. any advice anyone could give would be nice.
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  1. what do you want to use the computer for? Are you one who likes to overclock? How much money do you look to spend? Is quadcore a necessity to you?

    Answering these Q's will help us give more beneficial advice.
  2. as joe said, without knowing what you plan on doing with the cpu, we can't tell you very much.
  3. Look at the CPU charts on this site, it gives you a good idea of what kind of performance you can get from each processor on each type of task, neither AMD or Intel is truly superior, but at the moment, Intel has the performance crown, but for considerably more money.
  4. An AMD system is not much less expensive as you put it. They two chip makers products are actually priced pretty closely together. That of course is comparing cpu thats perform around the same. Like the old and trusted q6600 from Intel to the AMD 9950 or 9850. There performance is pretty close and so is the price.

    Now where the prices get alot higher and where one could say a AMD system is much cheaper is when you compare the top end AMD(9950) to the higher end Intels. Then the AMD is much cheaper. But only because it doesnt have a product that peforms at or close to the level of a the higher end Intels at the moment. Basically for the most the part for systems that have about the same performance the prices are generally in the same ballpark.

    As far as AMD being more confusing. I cant figure out that would be true. If anything Intels are more confusiong, Its got the older 65nm quads on 1066fsb. The 45nm on 1333 with the 00 series having less cache.

    If you want people to help you pick what brand(which just enourage rabbib fanboys to buy something just cause of a brand) you have to give out some more info. How much money is in your budget? What is the main purpose of this machine? What is your current hardware. Once you give people that kind of info we will narrow it down to a system based on both companies cpus at around the same price. Then you could make you pick depending other stuff like overlclocking, future upgrade path, how much power the system uses, brand preference/familairity.
  5. What is your budget and what kinds of apps are you going to run?
  6. xnem3s1sx said:
    Look at the CPU charts on this site, it gives you a good idea of what kind of performance you can get from each processor on each type of task, neither AMD or Intel is truly superior, but at the moment, Intel has the performance crown, but for considerably more money.

    What planet you been living on? Since the Intel E5200 came out AMD have been squeezed out at the bottom end of the processor market. While the AMD bargain bucket killer the Opteron 1210 has risen in price slightly. There is plenty of competition in the really low-end as well...

  7. If you're going to spend over $1000 without monitor or OS then go with Intel. If not, then AMD is still a good option. While the value may be comparable at stock speeds, if you're going to overclock then it's a different story. It just depends on your budget and what you want to do with it.
  8. I am going to be using the rig for mostly gaming.. actually.. all gaming.. haha. my budget would be between 250-350$ I say AMD is more confusing because I learned about processors using Intel as an example. they have a clear FSB and cache.. AMD is confusing me with those.. I have an OS and I also have a friend who owns a computer store that gets me huge discounts :D. any help would be great. Sorry for the lack of info
  9. You'll be hard pressed to build a gaming computer for $250-$350. If you plan to game the newest games. Older games, that should be easy enough to do.

    Things you'll need: 2 GB budget ram: ~$40.
    Cheap motherboard: ~$45-$80, depending upon desired options or integrated graphics.
    Hard drive? Can you reuse your old drive?
    Graphics card: At least $100 for a lower-mid level card.

    That leaves about $50 to $75 for a cpu. AMD's X2 5000 is a decent buy. So is the Pentium E2180.

    For a low budget build for gaming, the #1` thing to spend money on is the graphics card. Then you get the cpu with the money you have left.
  10. I can re-use my drive. Ram I can get for like 15-20 bucks Video card is picked out already. only thing I dont have planned out is a mobo and processor
  11. Wiiings12 said:
    ... only thing I don't have planned out is a mobo and processor

    If you go the Intel route the E5200 is a steal for the price/ performance. At stock 2.4Ghz or overclocked (it will typically hit 4Ghz) it is a winner with it's low stock FSB. The E21x0 pentiums are obsolete now (unless you can get one really cheap).

    With the AMD route this page might help for the AMD Athlon-64 processors:
    Brisbane (65nm) dual-core is your best bet (dual 512Kb L2 cache) as it has a lower TDP (lower power). I have seen some older Windsor cores (90nm) on sale (6000+) and these are still good. There is no clear performance gap between 2x 512Kb vs 2x1024Kb L2 cache but there is a little bit. Don't even consider the Phenoms (4x / 3x core) if you are on a tight budget.

    Is the rule of thumb still to avoid motherboards w/ Nvidia chipsets unless you want SLI?? I think so...

    Hope that helps!!

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