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bought a WD My passport off craigslist with no cabe, I figured it is a USB but when I got home none of my USB cable works. I think this thing goes into a docking station. So that's the connection I'm looking for. I did a search and the closest thing I saw might be something called a "mini" USB. Not sure if anyone knows for certain. The model number is WDBAA3200ABK-00. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. Small equipment like 2.5" external drives or digital cameras usually use a "mini" connector. These usually come with the necessary cable, but if you're buying it used then it's buyer beware.

    This is an example of the difference between the "standard" and "mini" USB connector:

    You can buy cables to connect a device with a "mini" connector to a standard host port at almost any computer outlet.
  2. that is the exact cable I tried, but even the "mini" side was too large to fit in the connection port of this drive, but it looks really similar to the "mini" USB, just a tad smaller, any other ideas? Thanks.
  3. If it's not the "mini" connector then it must be nonstandard. I'd be pretty surprised if WD used a nonstandard connector...
  4. WD Passport drives do not use a non-standard USB connector...they all use the mini as identified in the picture posted by sminlal...if the connector is "too big" then something might be wrong with the female connector on the WD drive itself or you are just not connecting it properly, the mini end only fits into the WD drive one way...
  5. WD is starting to put the Micro USB (not Mini) on its Passport drives. Below is a list of the benefits of the Micro USB connector that I found on the interwebs.

    Low Cost : Cheapest connectors and simplest circuitry needed to handle.
    Expandability : Add more than one devices to a single port.
    Durable : The connectors are tough enough to undergo modest torture on them.
    Auto Configuration : No Hassles.
    Hot plugging : Plug in or remove connectors while computer is turned on.
    Outstanding Performance : No Compromise on speeds.
    Provides Power to Bus : No need to use AC Adapters for low power electronic gadgets.
    Identical third party hardware platform
    Only moderate force is required to make or break a connection
  6. Interesting - I hadn't realized that the "mini" connectors have been deprecated and are no longer supposed to be used in new equipment. The "micro" connectors are now the standard option for small form factor devices.

    Looks like I'm going to have to stock up on some new USB adapters... ;)
  7. I just bought a WD My Passport drive with one of these "micro" USB connectors. I was astonished that WD has switched to this low quality connector. I haven't had the drive a week and it is already causing problems. I'm taking it back to Costco for a refund and I won't be buying another drive that uses this connector. Wise up Western Digital! Your quality took a major step back with this connector.
  8. I also have the 750GB WD drive with the "micro" connector. It should be called a "non-connector" because of the effort required to ensure a connection which allows one to use the drive. Hard-wiring would be preferable and I, too, will look closely, and decline the purchase, of any device with this connector.
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