4850 - Graphics corruption upon restarting Vista

Any ideas on what could be causing this? EDIT: Well, scratch my original post because it just happened when I restarted on the other DVI port. So, whenever I restart Vista, I get massive graphical corruption starting right off from the POST screen, and the ATI driver fails upon reaching the Windows login screen.

I've never encountered anything like this before. The video works perfectly upon a cold boot, even after some heavy gaming sessions of Crysis, Oblivion or Bioshock, but as soon as I restart Vista it fails. Any ideas?
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  1. Sounds to me like you have a bad DVI port. Not uncommon, if you need both ports you will have to return the card for RMA/warranty service.
  2. Don't attach your monitor to the wrong DVI :P

    On dual display shouldn't happen. Now, if it does, it could be that the connector is defective, weird, but possible.

  3. Well, I've started with the basics - I reseated the card, as I may have messed with the connection when I was trying to get the cooler to stop whining when the fan was at full load. It hasn't happened since I reseated it, so here's hoping that's all it was. I'd hate to have to RMA the card since Newegg lists it as OOS (4850 Toxic). Cross your fingers...
  4. Doh... happened again.

    Since this is happening on the POST screen before anything else loads, I'm guessing the card itself is bad? I can't think of anything else that would cause this, or why it only happens after a restart and not after powering off/on.
  5. Hi

    ive just got a radeon hd4850 toxic with the same problem. following a reboot, there are vertical bands of screen corruption, then when vista loads bsod. the only way to boot is in safe mode.

    first thing i would do is get another card. under whatever warranty is available. then at least you can rule out a faulty card

    the only time i have seen anything like this is when i once tried overclocking the memory on my old x1950. since the toxic comes with a preclocked core, i was guessing this could be the reason. i would try some underclocking (by shutting down, booting up into vista sucessfully and getting into the CC settings) and see how that goes. i know this is kinda going against what the card is all about, and many people report this working without a problem.

    if you do have any joy, let me know as i would be interested in knowing how this gets sorted (providing you havent got a new card by now lol)
  6. i know this thread has been inactive for a while, but i had this issue, and found this site helped


    the solution is a "custom" bios that can be loaded. unsupported by ATI no doubt, but it worked for me

    im not sure if there is an official bios that corrects the issue, but it may be worth looking
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