Optimum Config for a performance + gaming desktop


Am building a PC, too may brands and too many options - hence the confusion and attempt to seek clarity on what is the best proposition - from the experts at Tom's hardware

What would be a optimum config for a desktop PC (am building it in Mumbai, India)
(M/B, CPU, HDD, RAM, VRAM etc..)

The PC will be used for
Office Work
MS Office
Web Content (Graphics, Active Content) / Apps Development Tools
MS .NET Development (Web Server incl)


Watching Movies
Watching TV
Listening to high fidelity music

Web Surfing
Skype + Webcam use

In summary the requirement is for a performance + gaming PC

If u can suggest the best mix (performance, stability, quality and value for money) - in terms of brand, model, approx price - that would help

Item Brand Model Approx Price Remarks
Cooling Mechanism (if needed)
Optical Drive
Sound Card (gaming)
Video Card (gaming)
TV Tuner
Web Cam
Head Phone + Microphone
Speakers (5.1/6.1 or lesser would fit the requirement)

Also, am looking for a baby AT form factor, do quad core cpu's fit in? Or else is there a core 2 duo option which is nearest to the quad cores performance but is available in a smaller form factor fit.

Are there standard configs available (configs which meet the requirements of a performance + gaming/media PC) for desktops from brand companies like dell/hp-compaq - from where i get a safe buy + warranty + service (1-3yrs). Do mention the company and model name - if u have the info

Also, do laptops also have configs that address the aforesaid requirement. If they indeed do, then can u let me know the company, brand and config - that fits the bill. [Laptop service is a bigger issue and so, hope the laptops keep us with the voltage stability requirements when connected say to a 5.1 spk set)

I know its a bit detailed - but would appreciate - if u can guide me a bit more precisely

Thx & Rgds,
Kiran Bajaj
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  1. cpu- intel pentium dual core 2.66Ghz or c2d 2.133GHz (should be fine)
    gpu- 4850 or 3870 depending on your gaming requirement (if u wana game at high requirement)
    sound card-onboard is fine but if u want 1 u could get xreadige xifi
    HDD_500Ghz 7200rpm
    motherboard- asus or gigabit x38 or P35 chipset
    2GB ram
    monitor - 22inch samsang if u wana play HD movie
    cooling- not required
    rest u can pick or u can ask ur salesman
    speaker 5.1 digital would be fine

    u live in india........just find a supermarket speciallized only in selling PC stuff. that way u can get an idea of the price. but dont be surprized if u see prices way higher than wat u see on net. i live in Bangladesh and here a ati3870 cost 25000taka($300+)!!!!!. thats almost double. however we only have these pricing problems with grafix cards since ppl here are very dum and think they can game on intel IGP......hence the limited supply and extreme price
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