Qx6700 overclocked.. pc chrashes randomly

i bought a new cpu cooler the sythen mugen 2 .
this monster cools my non overclocked cpu down to about 24-30 degrees.
so i decided to overclock the cpu to 3 ghz . i put fsb on 300.
then some weeks later i wanted to get the real power out of my cpu .
i overclocked it step by step up to 3,6 ghz
then i had temps from about 38-46 degrees.. and while playing gta IV crysis .. not over 65 degrees.. for about 3 weeks. in my eyes pretty good.

but for whatever reason 3 days ago i wanted to preserve my cpu, so i underclocked it down to 3,3 ghz

and then this crap began. my pc crashed after about 3 hours.. and since saturday its doing it again and again. sometimes it just goes off. then there is a windowsmistake on my screen. and while clicking on "don't send report" it just goes off..
since the last try to start my pc i got a new mistake.
my system doesnt find my HDD .. what the F*** is it ???

pls help me.. what can i do "eliminate" these problems?
is my cpu busted?

sry for my crap english :D

thx in advance,
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  1. First thing is to reset your system back to stock settings and run your system un-overclocked.

    Then Go ahead and list the rest of your components.

    Motherboard maker/model - inlcude BIOS settings for typical vcore, NB,
    Memory maker - include timings voltages.
    GPU - whether it's overclocked or not.
  2. okay..

    MB: p5q by asus i dont now anything about bios settings^^ .. i think i have the normal ones
    ram: 2 x 2gb ddr2 kingston hyper 1066
    graphicscard: hd4850 [cooled by: acceleron s1 rev.2]
    PS : 550 W LC-Power
    HDDs: 1x 250 seagate (windows is on it); 1x 1000 gb WD
    3 120mm fans
    cooler master elite case
    a dvd writer

    yeah and my qx6700

    system : windows XP home

    thats it ..
  3. okay.
    yes i mean the auto settings.

    i have just used fsb. because someone told me that there is no need for setting the voltage higher. he also told me not to set the multi higher.
    and i havnt used the memory speed

    so my ram isnt running on 1066? do i have to put it higher manual?

    i dont know what voltage my ram is getting..
    i think auto, cuz i havent changed it..

    .. but i dont have the money to get an new psu.
    i'm student and 17 years old.. maybe in some months but not now.
    additionally, there is no need for a new psu, cuz my cpu ran on 3,6 for 3 weeks! and the crashes began !after! i clocked it down again.

    can u tell me what i have to consider??

    thx for ur help to date.
  4. Go and download CPUz, this nifty app can help identify your CPU speed, memory speed and even voltage settings for the CPU.
  5. i have it on my pc..
    memory speed is on 400 mhz
    and it has a voltage of 1.8

    and right now the cpu is on 3,2 ghz
    and its voltage is at about 1,312 but this variates

  6. *** ed me? didnt they?

    so the voltage is okay?

  7. cpu-z says that i have got pc2-6400 (400 mhz).. and the guys who built the ram in my pc told me that its kingston hyper 1066..
    they also gave me the manual for the ram.. and its a kingston hyper 1066 ram- manual..
    so they cheated on me?

    didnt they?

    so the voltage is okay?

  8. Many motherboards default memory to 800mhz at 1.8v. In order to run them at 1066mhz, you'll have to change the FSB/Memory ratio. This can be found in the BIOS.
  9. okay..
    so i have to set fsb/memory to 533 and the voltage to 2.2...

    but whats about the cpu?
    as i understood it its like if u change the fsb of the cpu the memory fsb or what ever rises too..

    what can i do to inhibit this?

    i just want to have my ram on 1066 and my quadcore on donno.. about 3,3

  10. Only Nvidia chipset motherboards allow memory speed independent of FSB. With Intel chipset, you'll have to balance the FSB with the desired memory speed.

    My suggestion is to do more reading from the stickies so you have a better understanding.

    As always, when overclocking, do incremental overclocks and stress test each time.
  11. You never said you tested your system with Prime95 or memtest86+. It is very likely your overclock wasn't ever stable. It's even possible that your os was corrupted because of it. Read the stickies on overclocking and then try overclocking again.
  12. Quote:

    There's your problem, "normal ones"

    How do I know if I have normal ones, should I send a picture?

    Edit: never mind, you dont want to see pictures.
  13. @orangegator

    as i told u, i have overclocked my cpu with fsb
    first it was 266 and a core speed of 2,66 ghz
    then i setted it on 280 .. and after this i pusted it higher just with 10-fsb-steps
    so the next was 290 then 300.. up to 360

    and EVERYTIME i ran a stress test!!
    prime95 and it was always okay.. everything no errors etc..
  14. so what fsb/cpu ratio do i need, if i want to set my fsb on 333?

    and why?

    thx for ur help to date ;)
  15. .. could 1one tell me how to set the fsb?
  16. to be honest..

    i just dont understand it..
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