My ocz ram is running at 633 instead of 800

how can i get myr am to where its supposed to be at i changed the voltage and everythign the timings are set corectly but there still running at 633
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  1. Change your ram frequency to 400Mhz which in turn is 800MHZ DDR2
  2. i ahve them all set to 400mhz in bios it shows my ram all at 800 but i have gskill and ocz my g skill is running at 800 but the ocz isnt according to everest
  3. so you are mixing modules?
  4. yes is that a problem cuz i thought it didnt matter
  5. not really as long as they are both the same speed....

    just make sure you see all 4 dims runing at the same speed.... download CPU-Z and check the timings
  6. ok this is what its showing me
    dram frequency 245.6 mhz
    fsb:dram cpu/11
    cas latensy 4.0 clocks
    trcd 4 clcoks
    trp 4 clocks
    tras 12 clocks
    trc 16 clocks
    comand rate is 2t

    thanks for your help i tried to find the right settings on ocz but i had no luck found some reviews on neweeg that said i basickly had to overclock the ram to get 800
  7. the frequency is wrong... it should say 400Mhz or at least around that number....
  8. i cant set it any higher in the bios it wont let me in the bios its at 400 mhz so idk what to do i gave it more voltage the voltage it supposed to have but it still stays the same
  9. 400Mhz DRAM frequency = 800MHZ DDR2
  10. so basically if your DRAM freq says 400 then you are fine, if you want a bit more speed then raise the FSB
  11. ok but why are all these prgrams saying my g skill is at 800 but the ocz isnt but the bios is saying thre both at the same speed everythign i have tested says ocz is at 633
  12. Because all 4 modules have to be 800MHZ in order for them to run at that rated speed, if 2 of the 4 sticks are 533Mhz or lower then you cannot run all 4 sticks at 800MHZ
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  14. OvrClkr said:
    Private message me.....

    hello thanks again for all your help
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