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Hi, I'm looking to build a very good gaming computer and was wondering if anyone could help me. Price is not much of an issue but at same time i'm not looking to waste money. Here is what i have been able to figure out on kind of what I want if anyone could help me fill in the details

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale

Video Card: (4850 ATI with 1GB)

MotherBoard: Need help here... want it to have crossfire support and 1333mhz obviously to match the processor

Memory: 1 or 2GB sticks, 1333MHZ (any suggestions)

Case: Something good perferably air cooled but I hear the 4850 ATI cards run hot and if I get 2 the case needs to be able to handle keeping it cool

Power Supply: Not sure what power supply to get... it will have to be big enough to handle 2x 4850 video cards, a physics card, 2x dvd roms, sound card etc.

Anything else i'm missing that you wanna suggest feel free, and thanks for the help in advance
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  1. Crossfire isn't an upgrade silver bullet, depending on your gaming resolution, it might be a waste. Moreover, crossfire boards cost at least 100$ more than others, if you do the math: 2x4850=300$ + board extra = 400$. Considering the 4870x2 is supposed to cost ~500$, will not require Crossfire board AND will probably give you more than 25% performance gain, you might want to reconsider.

    What is your monitor resolution?

    For memory, you don't need 1333MHz memory, DDR2-800 is enough, take any you find here (top rated on top).
  2. If you plan to crossfire go for an x38 or x48.
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