Any Ideas??? Very urgent!

I have a kodak 5100aio and i ran out of black ink. So i went to walmart, and I got a new cartridge...... I put it into my printer and now everything is printing in negative! I have vista ultimate 32bit and I just updated my drivers... I just cant figure it out, all that i changed was a black ink cartridge. I cant print any text papers and this is killing me cause im in school, it just prints out a white sheet of paper. Any ideas are greatly appreciated and needed very badly. :(
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  1. have you taken off the tab or peice of tape off the printhead\print nozzles?

    if you havent that explains the nothing printing thing :)
  2. +1 for tape removal
  3. its not that, cause i still get black tones when i print out a picture and it comes out negative
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