Is SSD worth it?

Anyone use a SSD as their primary drive with windows?? Is it worth it?? I was thinking about building a system with two 256 GB SSD's in RAID 0 but before I spend $1500 I wanted to ask the community..........
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  1. Wow, that's not the route I would go..That's enough for a new pc! You're running a mechanical drive right now, you would notice a difference immediately with a SSD boot drive. More so with a raid 0, but realize that this technology is still in its infancy, and requires alot more maintenance than a standard drive. Especially in a raid setup.

    I recommend reviewing the SSD articles here and at Anandtech especially, Anand has certainly done his homework on the subject. But there is an article that was published here the other day looking at some low cost alternatives.

    I am about to take the plunge in two short weeks, I plan to get a Kingston 40GB SSD now (Intel based) for a boot drive and a samsung f3 500gb for storage. This will run me about $180 dollars, and a great boost in performance. For about 210 I could go for the 1Tb samsung.
  2. Wait 3/4 Months before jumping on the SSD Bandwagon. And yes, They provide a big performance boost. Cost vs performance - Concur with buzznut, go with a SSD for Operating system and HDD for your files/data.

    Why wait - I think you will see some (1) price cuts and (2) higher capacities vs price, and (3) higher performance (May even need to go with Sata6).

    Intel will not be King of the Hill ( see below link)
  3. The problem with computer components is that the best time to buy them is always next month......
  4. Agree, I normally do not wait, just bite the bullet an get it and enjoy.

    In this case, I think I would wait. Just get two HDDs and run in raid0 for 3 months - then "bite the bullet" and get the SSD. After getting the SSD, you can use the HDD for your files and data. Not much lost in terms of money, Just 3 months of lesser performance.
  5. Instead of jumping into the SSD game by going RAID0, why not see how quick one of them is? Real world difference won't be much since the access time is what you are gaining with SSD and striping a set of them won't help that figure out.

    That is, unless you spend half your time at the system just moving giant files around or use a benchmark suite as a screen saver.
  6. I purchased an Intel X-25M G2 80gb ssd and Installed Win 7Pro 64 and office on it. This is so fast you do NOT need raid. I have a 250 gig Seagate 7200rpm and a WD green 1 tb hd for storage. It's fast. Why wait?
  7. spoofededpacket/guskline

    You missied my point - GET a SSD, But wait 3/4 monthes (Read my link in my first post). There is a new line coming out from OCZ also Intel will be releasing some new one. My perception is that prices will drop on current lines, and if money is not a option the OCZ one will beat the current King, Intel.

    As to Raid0. While very little benifit in boot time and program loads (Solved when he gets an SSD), the Raid0 does boost working with larger files such as Pitures (Jpegs and bitmap) and video files ( 1 gig for .vob and => 15 gigs for Mts files)

    I have: 80 gig Intel G2 - desktop, a 128 Gig patriot Torqx -laptop and in desktops 3 pairs of Raid0, one with XP, one with vista and one with win 7 RC. Also forgeting Raid0, I would prefer 2 seperate HDD's to one Large drive.
  8. muratgemici2003 said:
    The problem with computer components is that the best time to buy them is always next month......

    I'm thinking of building a new computer. Why do you say the next month is the best to buy computer parts? Should I wait?
  9. OK, so I just installed an SSD and went from Windows 7 RC to RTM a couple of days ago. Before I reinstalled, I did an image backup of the RC system and restored it to the SSD to compare the boot, logon and application startup times.

    To give a completely objective comparison between the two, I filmed them using my digital camera and uploaded the results here:

    Hopefully you'll be able to view this to see for yourself what the difference is like. This is my first you-tube upload - if you have any problems viewing the video, please let me know.
  10. looks like a 40 sec differential
  11. Well I'm using two crucial 64gb ssd's in raid 0 and it works great. There is a big gain in photoshop and the drives take up very little space. There connected to an areca 12 channel raid controller but I get 450mb/s read, 400mb/s write and an internal file copy of 250mb/s. The internal file copy speed of an intel 80gb drive is 30mb/s so don't touch them. I'm also about to upgrade to 4 ssd's but I need a bigger case first.
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