How to overclock intel Pentium 4 HT ?

Hi guys , i realy need to overclock this CPU
becaus i am gonna buy an Q9400 next two months ...

intel pentium 4 HT 524
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  1. I could not find anything in the BIOS
  2. boxel said:
    I could not find anything in the BIOS

    Blagh just get the Q9400 :p. Is it an OEM computer, if it is chances are you cannot OC.
  3. what motherboard do you have? if its an intel or oem board you wont have much luck.

    if its a gigabyte/asus/ect ect you might get 10-15% without too much trouble
  4. And if you're using the motherboard you bought at the same time as that chip, make sure it'll actually support a Q9400, there is more to it than just the socket (power, bus frequency, multi-core support etc)
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