Help! explorer crashes when openig files on my 1TB

Hi i need help before i do some thing dumb with my PC :bounce: i have a 1 TB Samsung HDD and i have recently installed windows 7 ultimate
ok the problem is when i open my Anime folder on my PC it tells me explorer has stopped working and then restarts the explorer and i end up back at the desktop
no matter what i try i cant open the folder the same problem happens. :fou:
i think i have narrowed it down to three possible problems
1) when i formatted and installed windows 7 it gave me problems and before my 1st start up i had to repair windows so it could i assume it would be a good idea to re format if windows is the problem . :heink: (i have windows installed on my 500GB Seagate HDD )
2) could it be that my Anime folder is to large and wont open the folder. In size the folder is 430GB
3) Could it be that my hard disk is starting to fail i really hope this is not the case as its completely full i only have 50GBs free and have no where to back up my ***

please I really need help with this any and all advice is welcome :hello:
p.s my PC specs are:
Amd 6000+
4GB Adata 800 Ram
ATI 4850 512MB
1x 500GB seagate
1x 1TB Samsung
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  1. If you had a problematic installation, I would backup everything and do a fresh install.
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