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I have a 500GB Seagate SATA hard drive and a 40GB IDE hard drive.My windows vista is installed on my 500Gb Hard disk.
Recently, my computer had some power supply problems so I had got a new power supply..
My pc was working fine for one week and later when I tried switching it on, my pc didn't boot.I checked in the bios and my SATA hard drive was not showing but I could see my IDE Hard drive.
I opened my pc and checked if the ssata and power cables were loose but it still didn't work.
I tried using a new SATA cable but that didn't help too.
I got a technician to check my pc and he told me that the plastic part around the port where you insert the SATA cable was abit damaged due to careless handling, so the SATA cable was loose.
He also said that my hard drive might have been spoiled because of my power supply problem which I had earlier.
Now I am helpless and don't know what to do because my hard drive isn't being detected.
I have the warranty for my hard drive so I can get a replacement for it but I want to get all my lost data back?
If I give my hard drive to the technicians, they'll open it and my warranty will be void.
So, is there any solution to get my data back without opening my hard drive..or anything else which could be helpful?
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  1. Check with Seagate to see what their data recovery policy is. They may want you to send it to an authorized data recovery center, someone like Driver Savers, who, yes, will have to open the drive but it shouldn't void your warranty. The problem is that Seagate may take the position that the problem with the drive is not their fault and may not honor the warranty.

    Drive manufacturers understand the need for data recovery, but you should still contact them for their opinion.

    There is third party data recovery software as well as some freeware available, but it may not work due to the physical problem with your drive.

    Hint: Google data recovery.

    You might also try connecting the drive cable and try and securing it in some manner so that it's making a decent connection.

    Good luck....
  2. The last opcion that you can try it's . Get another hard drive, same brand and same model, change the board from the new hard drive for the old one, on that way you should be use the old hard drive if that one work wich the new board, of course you are taking son risk to get damage at the new board but realy that reraly happen. Realy this it a professional option for technician. you can try if you have some hardware care. Of course everithing it's the hard cost for the information for anybody how do not undertand some time that the high tech have to be ready to do.
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