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My home built system ran fine for the past 2 years. I always leave the PC running, because its on the world community grid, while it was running the video disappeared. I reboot, but no video. I replaced the video card, but still no video. I tried a different monitor, but still no video. I removed 2 of the 4 memory sticks, but still no video. Internal motherboard display shows FF, I think it means the post boot is complete with no errors. The hard drives are spinning and there is no beeps during boot process. All case displays look normal and all fans and devices seem to have power.
This is my hardware:
AMD X2 5400 AM2 CPU
EVGA 7600 GS 512 MB PCI-E
2G DDR2 PC6400 MEMORY (512mb each - 4 memory sticks)
320GB SATA II 3GB 16MB 7200RPM HD (RAID-1)

I don't no what to try next, any suggestions would be GREAT!

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  1. That's a tough one. I wonder if something happened to the PCI-e. Maybe try the video card in the second PCI-e slot and see if you can get video that way. Other than that, I'm out of ideas.
  2. I'll try a different PCI slot, and I wonder if the first 512mb memory stick is bad, I'll try each memory stick one by one and see if that helps, I know the memory needs to be good in order for it to work??
  3. Okay, I tried the other PCI-E slot, but still no video.
    I swapped the 4 memory sticks around, always putting 2 in at a time, but still no video.
    There were no storms at the time it stopped working, I've had thunder storms kill my power supplies, even when using APCs, but the weather was fine and no power outages happend.

    Is my next choice to replace the motherboard?

  4. When you swap ram around reset cmos each time.

    Also just because somethings turn on dont mean the PSU isnt dead. Have the PSU tested. Alot of times the -5 dies and you get everythng but video comming on.
  5. No I havn't tested the power supply.

    How do I test it?

    I have a spare power supply that I could try to swap out tomorrow.
  6. roadrunner197069,
    I replaced the power supply and now the PC is fixed.
    The -5VDC must have went out on the old supply.
    Thanks for saving me lots of frustration on my part.

    The only problem is my back went out when replacing the supply.
    Guess I'm getting old..........

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