Can you build a Q9550 base pc cheaper...

Ok, here's the challenge... build a better, faster, cheaper PC....

start with the 9550 at $340

budget mainboard at $109

Video card at $180

Seagate 1TB at $150

2GB ddr2 at $20

This puts you at $800. I use my pc for the basics, I play Star Wars Galaxies (with 3 instances) and I par/unrar 8GB HDWMV files so I there may be some overkill....

currently I run vista ult on a Pentium D 805 with 2GB ddr2 and a radeon x850xt so this would be a huge upgrade... thanks for the input.
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  1. /bump
  2. I would keep everything you except change the processor to the Q6600 which for $190 and get a after market cooler for about around $30 overclock to 3.0-3.2 are set. Its still quad core this will save you over $100.
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