PROBLEM - PC booted up ok b4, now, no go and no signal to Monitor..

Hi everyone,

I just built my 4th PC, all the others ran 100%, not a problem. Now, this one, well, it really has got me stumped as to what's wrong with it. I installed Windows Vista Ultimate on a 640 GIG HD, partitioned it for Vista around 90 GIGS, now i stuffed up with the partition (the 500 GIGS that was left). So i went back into the routine of re-partitioning, so it re-booted the Vista from the ROM drive and so on. I left the room, and when i came back i found the monitor with a no signal screen and the system still running.

I tried to reset the system, but to no avail, so i had to do what i hate to do was to unplug it from the mains. I did that, then i turn the PC on from the power button and the same problem happen, only this time i cannot here the HD booting up anything and the DVD rom drives spin the DVD but that does not boot at all.

There is no sound from the FDD like normal, no beeps, and the multi flash card reader i have installed, seems to have the green LED light on through this whole process for some unknown reason. The specs of this PC are as follows...

Ram - 2 GIG DDR2 (For Now)
Card 1 - Sata/Sata II 4 port controller
Card 2 - 8 Ports PCI to USB + Firewire 1394 Combo Card
Card 3 - ASUS EN8600GT Magic 512MB DDR2
DVD 1 - Hitachi Rom Drive IDE
DVD 2 - Samsung Rom Drive IDE
DVD 3 - ASUS 20x Burner SATA
DVD 4 - ASUS 20x Burner SATA
PSU - 1200watt SilverStone Zeus series

If anyone can help please i will be so grateful to get this PC running...

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  1. Try each stick of ram in each slot.
  2. Yeah, i was told it could be the RAM, so i'm waiting on some CORSAIR ram to come in. A friend of mine told me to check if the mobo was ok, pull out the ram and see what it does. 3 beeps indicated that it was missing ram, so the problem lies with the ram itself. I'll let you know how this thing goes when i get the ram.
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