Wich ssd is better

ok, i know everyone raves about the intel Intel X25-M but when looking at it it seems to get slower sustained write then like a corsair ssd.
so wich is better for my home pc's operating system here are a few i looked at



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  1. For most people who are interested in faster boot and application startup times, sustained write speed is the least important measure of the drive. Pay more attention to the random I/O performance, since that's what limits boot and launch times.
  2. Operating systems perform more random reads and writes than they do sequential so the performance in this area is important is that is what you are selecting your drive for. While the the intel drive has arguably the best performance when it comes to random write, IMO it is quite an annoying drive to use with noticable pauses due to quite a high latency. Additionally the sequential read speed is shockingly bad. Interestingly, the new Intel firmware shows sequential read gains in 160GB but not the 80GB drive :(

    Both the Intel drive and the Crucial drive benefit from TRIM as Crucial use the Indilinex controller, therefore I would recommend the Crucial drive - cheaper, nearly equal random performance, better sequential performance, lower latency.
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