Digit frame not recognizing external hard drive

The HP digital photo frame that I am working with recognized the thumb drives in the usb port, but not the 500 gb seagate external hard drive that I want to store photos on. The thumbdrives are formatted with fat32 and the seagate is ntfs. Any suggestions.
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  1. That's probably it. NTFS is less common than FAT32, used mainly by newer versions of Windows, so your frame might not be able to read the hd for this reason.
  2. In addition to the format issue addressed by r_manic, you may also need to provide additional power for physical hard drives; the USB port on your frame is unlikely to provide enough.
  3. Though, the main of the two points have been spoken about, there is something more that I do have a doubt about, there are certain digital frames that is capable of accessing a storage device with particular amount of storage space, so it may be that the huge storage device might be causing the problem. Hope this was of some help to you.
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