Gtx 260 vs 4870 for new gaming pc

First of all, so sorry for creating a 'help me' topic, but I'm drawing a blank here.

First I was considering 9600 gt in sli, then the 9800gtx+, which turned into the gx2, which I decided costs too much. So I settled on the Gtx 260. Not terribly expensive, got a rebate and everything, and the possibility of running it in sli further down the road.

Was talking with a relative that knows hardware way better than I do, and who's opinion I trust, and he recommended the 4870 in a way that was to say there was no competition. I didn't see that much of a difference, but I'm not any kind of informed person.

Wondering which is the better card, and worried about getting a reasonably priced motherboard that will allow me to run whichever in sli or xfire
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  1. 4870 and gtx260 performs about the same, with 4870 ahead by a tiny amount. I wouldn't it call 1.5% difference "no competition," although if they cost exactly the same, why get 1.5% less?

    As for 9800gx2 costing too much, it's not. Newegg had it for $275, or $245 after mail in rebates, which is cheaper than the cheapest 4870, which cost $280, or $255 after mail in rebates. Performance is no comparison.
  2. If u go the SLi way, GTX260 (or wait till the "refresh"). If u go the CF way, 4870.

    Lead from the 4870 (IMO): DX10.1 and AVIVO.

    If u actually use your PC for watching movies or something, it's quite nice. And DX10.1 games 'might' be getting closer, but it's nothing but fuzz and high hopes :P

  3. My opinion is with GTX 260.
    I have an XFX GTX 260 xxx edition and i am very happy for my fps in Crysis, COD 4, world in conflict...etc
    This card is about 15-20% faster than any 4870.
    Both cards are good, but GTX 260 is always one step in front, and costs about 40€ more.

    P.S. sorry for my poor english...
  4. Aris: actually, the 4870 beats the GTX260 in most benchmarks (though not by much of a margin), and even if the xxx edition is overclocked far enough to regain the edge from the 4870, there's no way it has enough of a performance boost to get a 15-20% lead I'd go with the 4870 right now - it simply has the better performance, as well as better HD video decoding, audio over HDMI, and DX10.1.

    That having been said, both are great cards, and the performance difference is fairly minor between them.
  5. cjl: see this...
    also this

    I dont understand why some people insist in their opinions!
    I have said many times that this card is about 15% faster than all the GTX 260 so if you make simple calculations its also faster card from ATI's 4870.

    Thats the story

    P.S. sorry for my poor english
  6. Look my friend.
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  7. 1€ is nearly 1.5$
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