When I am trying to open software installed installed in my computer the doucume

when I am trying to open a new software for installation in my computer it was opened in MS word pad. how the problem rectified? I am using windows xp-service pack-2 version.
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  1. try click start, control panel, add remove programs, click "add program" follow the directions.
    your antivirus may need to be turned off when you install new software.
  2. Thank You Sir,
    Windows XP-service pack-2 has been installed my PC. At the time of problem occurred in my PC Iam able to open only MSword, Excell, and Mp3 audio and Mp4 etc., for-mates only opened remaining game files etc., were opened in wordpad. Add-remove programme was not opened. No harmful virus was not detected in my PC after scanning. Lastly my system has been formatted due to urgency.
    How this problem overcome? ie.,without formatting my computer in future if the problem faced again?
    Thanking you Sir once agaian
  3. It sounds like you re-mapped .exe extention to open in WordPad accidentally. Don't do that again and you will be safe :-)
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