Use a 478 Heatsink/fan on 775 mobo?


I know 775 motherboard have clip in socket for the heatsink but is there any way i could use a 478 for a 775 motherboard?
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  1. Probably not. If the fan clip doesn't fit the mobo, then you'll have to buy another one or else you won't be able to hold it in place.
  2. some aftermarket fans for the 478 included mounting arrangements for 775, but check to make sure before you try
  3. If your mobo was just lying flat down on a desk you could just lay the 478 h/s fan on top and plug the fan in, think of a testing situation, this would work yeah, there wouldn't be much pressure other than the weight but..?

    Far as i can see the top of the cpu just pokes above the 775 bracket it's in so i can't see why the flat base of the 478 h/s wouldn't make a nice clean contact with the top of the cpu?

    Your probably thinking why don't you just buy a 775 h/s fan, well i saw an ultra cheap 775 cpu on ebay without h/s now i am very short on cash at the moment but have a 478 h/s and even another few pounds (or bucks) is something i can't afford!! hard times.
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