Asus A8V Deluxe memory problem

Asus a8v deluxe motherboard. Had one stick of 512 memory in it. I bought another 1gb (512x2) The problem is that the bios doesnt recognize all 3 sticks. I have changed them around, and the most I can get the bios to see is 1gb. Can you run 2 sticks as dual channel, and a single stick as single with this motherboard, or do I have to buy another set of matched memory to occupy all 4 slots?
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  1. One stick must be slightly different from the other 2. I always recommend a pair of the same size, brand, and speed of memory. Dual channel sticks are a marketing ploy; it's not necessary, just buy 2 of the same next time you order. I recommend all 4 be either single or dual sided, not mixed. All should be low latency (the good stuff, such as corsair, crucial, micron, samsung, or kingston).
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