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I have played crysis on my system all stock settings ( 955 BE 3.2ghz and 4870 1gb 750mhz ) and averaged 21 FPS (very high, no aa) and 32 FPS (High, no aa ) according to FRAPS. I recently overclock CPU to 3.5 Ghz Stable and GPU core to 790 mhz and got 33 fps ( very high, no aa ) and 40 FPS ( high, no aa ). The benchmark on fraps was done on different lvls so is that reason for the jump in FPS or is it the CPU clock or GPU clock or both combined that gave me this nice peformance gain? Thanks in advance Shawn
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  1. Repeat the test while:
    1. Same level
    2. Nothing running the background other then windows and maybe overdrive/ati for temps
    3. youll have the results there.
  2. Im guessing it was the 4870 overclock (if thats what your saying you did) since i doubt the 955 bottlenecked it in the 1st place. Also just something helpful - you can run the 955 BE at a voltage of 1.225 and still be stable at 3.4 ghz, this means you run cooler than stock (alot cooler) and faster. And if you just want an even cooler cpu keep the voltage at 1.175 (min. stable @ 3.2ghz)
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