Cooling for ATI 4850

So does anyone know any fans that work for an ATI 4850.

Ive looked on Newegg, but it seems like none of the VGA fans show compatibility for it.
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  1. If it is compatible with the 38xx's then it will also be compatible with your 4850, the site has not updated for the new cards as have many manufactueres. I'd recommend zelman, either the vf-900 or 1000. Good quality, quite and until rivatuner works for the fan you still have a manual fan controller, just pair it with a good quality thermal paste and you're golden.
  2. If your looking to cool your graphics card because its default temp. You dont need to. Have a look at this:
  3. Coolink Gfxchila 4 cooler. I installed it on my 4850 (665Mhz) card and it idles at 41 C. The dual fans are quiet too.
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