Are all SLI Bridge Connectors the same?

I upgraded to a 8800GTS (512mb) in my Dell replacing the original 7900GS. I have a friend that has an XPS 710 with a 7900GS and figured that I could give him my old card so he could run them in SLI. Does he have to buy the SLI bridge from Dell ($50+) or can we just source one online?
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  1. yes they should be, other than Tri-sli Bridges which basically has 6 connects (2 for each video card:))
  2. Well theres also different length SLI bridge connectors, if you need to buy one still, just go to ebay and buy a non rigid one, here let me show you

    now of course if your motherboard spaces out the 2 pci-e slots further then that, you'll need something even longer, but dell probably uses standard name brand mobos like asus
  3. well they do now for sure, but before I read that they used altered motherboards, which resulted in a fire when some1 exchanged components in the computer... I can't remember exactly what the problem was though.
  4. Thanks a ton for the info guys!
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