GTX 260 - I want a Second One

I currently have a GTX 260 . . . and I really do like it… My games are very smooth. (COD4 is my primary game) If I get another one to do SLI – will I see noticeable performance increase at resolutions of 1680?

Any real benefits? Coming Games?

Thanks for your opinions.
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  1. you already answered your own question.... "My games are very smooth" if a card does everything you want of it... theres no reason to upgrade....

    anyway i don't think sli should used at anything less than 1920 by 1200
  2. This is getting sickly.
  3. you know this topic has been covered numerous times before right?
  4. yes there will be a good difference but as of now 1 gtx260 should be enough. if u need the performance gains then sli it im running to of them now and there amazing. im avg 30-35 fps in crysis dx10, all very high, 16aa. while one gtx260 got me 17-24fps.
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