E8400 Stock fan noise - mods?


I have the following components:
E8400 @ 3.0Ghz , stock HSF
4850 @ factory OC (dual fan)

First of all I don't plan to OC.
The CPU temp is ~65deg at full load.

Strangely enough, when playing games such as Crysis, the most noisy component in the system is the CPU stock cooler.
The 4850's dual fans are very good at keeping the noise low.

I had previously (gawd, long time ago) fitted a 120mm fan onto a Pentium3 stock HSF with some success as far as temps and noise goes.

I wonder if this is a possibility with the new HSF. Not even sure if fan comes off the heat sink for the stock coolers. Anyone seen/done mods for stock HSF to reduce noise?

Thanks for any input.
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  1. Most of the threads here are usually about replacing a stock cooler and fan with an aftermarket heatsink and fan to improve airflow and reduce temperature.

    Generally you should be able to remove the stock fan. Have you taken a close-up look to see how the fan is attached to the heatsink?
  2. The stock fan clips to the heat sink.
    There is nothing out there to replace it.
    Best bet would be to put on an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro.
  3. I've got a zalman 9700 on my E8400

    Using Core Temp i get 39 deg C on each core at idle , and after running Orthos for 12 hours straight the highest it peaked was 51 Deg C

    It's ridiculously quiet also. The loudest thing in my comp is my power supply, and thats only because it makes an annoying squealing sound when I scroll on some webpages :\
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